Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Blog Has Moved And Our Farm Will Open Thursday, October 17th....Important Things To Know

..... Today, a lovely couple stopped by the farm. We were busy busy busy the midst of workshops, making caramels, getting caramel order ready to send out, planting a few raised beds, building some raised beds, fixing irrigation, adding irrigation, setting up new water-ers for baby chicks...and, let's see what else?

I know the couple seemed a tad frustrated - I understand....someone told them to "go to The Simple Farm"...but they didn't realize...that in spite of all sorts of "activity" (see above) we really are NOT opened. . . it just looks like it. I also understand that we're in the midst of communication changes....i.e. the new website at - and even that is still undergoing some construction.

All this are some things you should know:
#1 Our farm is a working farm.  We live here and we work here and we rest here (at least try to).
#2 Our farm is ONLY open on Thursday mornings - for the market. Those hours are 8:30 until noon. We can't have people just coming and walking around. Thursday mornings YES - other days NO.
#3 We do have lot of "activity" going on at the farm - you might drive by and see cars - BUT if it's not a Thursday morning (beginning October 17th) it doesn't mean we're open.  It just means we have other scheduled things going on and unless you registered for a workshop or have scheduled volunteer work to do - we're asking that you not walk around - and that respectfully, you come back on the only day we're open - which is Thursday mornings from 8:30 until noon.
#4 Subscribe to our blog/news via email. There's a subscribe link on the NEW website. You'll have updates and when we DO change things, you'll know.
#5 Please be patient with us as we try to communicate as best we can.
#6 We've had sweet, kind - but curious people who ignore our The Farm Is Closed signs and decide to park and walk around our gardens and even come to our home and courtyard. We sweetly and kindly turn those curious people away and remind them what the sign says.
#7 We are no longer taking new Farm Members.
#8 Volunteer days (unless you are a regular volunteer and KNOW what to do) are on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. You can fill out the contact form on the web site if you are interested in giving hand...we ALWAYS have TONS to do.
#9 Thank you so much for your love and support to us - we've never been surrounded by such an amazing community of people.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two Thursday Morning Gardening Workshops

At 9 am this Thursday morning we're offering
again our very popular workshop: 
Beginning Gardening click HERE

At 10:15 am - we're offering this workshop. 
A Hands-On Workshop - Growing Herbs 
(you'll be planting) click HERE

Jill from Sweet Life Garden and I will do a farm walk around - talking about all the different herbs we grow - medicinal and culinary. We'll tell you how to use them.  You'll work with Jill on a hands-on planting herbs - starts and seeds. 10:15 am.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Like Everything Else - Goat's Milk Is Seasonal - An Important Read For All Goat Milk Lovers

Hey all you lovers of goat's milk - I thought I'd let you know - that like everything else - it is seasonal.

Every August (or around there) our Nubian goats (Crow's Dairy too) start their "seasonal" The boys (bucks) start the dating thing going. When daylight hours decrease - their hormones increase.

The south wind blows and the girls get a nice whiff of the boys cologne. This ignites the girls hormones. . . meaning - they start their every 21 days or so cycle.

Miss Storm and Miss Plum - photo compliments of Gretchen Goldstein

The girls can get pretty weird. They act weird toward each other - they get confused as to which milk stand is theirs at milking time - they swoon and lolly gag and flag their tales while walking back and forth the boys pen - driving the boys absolutely crazy. They can even act buckish toward each other.

Now before all this swooning and south wind blowing stuff happens, most dairy goat herdsmen have already charted - which girl gets a date with which boy. Genetics, body, production etc are important.

Then breeding happens. 150 days later - babies arrive.

Miss Storm in labor 2 years ago. This is when she delivered her daughter Miss Plum. 

But this is the important stuff for all you lovers of goat's milk. 
Gestation is 150 days. That means 5 months. At the 3rd month of a mama goat's pregnancy - a good dairy goat herder will DRY the girl up. This means STOP MILKING. This means YOU GET NO MILK. She gets a break. Those last two months of her pregnancy are so critical and we want her body to have a rest and give all she can to those developing sweet little babies.

Now, of course, there is the planning on staggering the dating/breeding/drying up and kidding thing. But in reality - MILK PRODUCTION DECLINES....until about 1 month AFTER the doe has her babies.

Why do I tell you this? 
a. to educate you a bit about farm life on a dairy goat farm
b. to let you know that THE RAW MILK you LOVE from Crow's dairy will become less and less.
c. let you know that good, raw goat's milk IS a seasonal thing
d. cause you to think that you should buy two of your own good dairy goats

Herb Workshop This Thursday - correction: it's at 10:15 am NOT 9 am

We have two workshops Thursday...Beginning Gardening and Growing Herbs.

Need to know...want to know how you can truly start a garden? This workshop begins at 9 am.

The interest in growing culinary and medicinal herbs is growing and so... we want to help you get started. Growing Herbs is a hands - on workshop - it's at 10:15.

Beginning Gardening 9 am - Register HERE
Growing Herbs 10:15 am - Register HERE

Two Delicious Workshops This Thursday Morning: Growing Herbs and Beginning Gardening

At 9 am this Thursday morning we're offering
again our very popular workshop: 
Beginning Gardening click HERE

At 10:15 am - we're offering this workshop. 
A Hands-On Workshop - Growing Herbs 
(you'll be planting) click HERE

Jill from Sweet Life Garden and I will do a farm walk around - talking about all the different herbs we grow - medicinal and culinary. We'll tell you how to use them.  You'll work with Jill on a hands-on planting herbs - starts and seeds. 10:15 am.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

12 Domestic Arts Workshops and 12 Gardening Workshops and 1 Livestock Workshop

We're thrilled at your response to our farm's workshops. 
Since staring Simple Inspiration the end of July 
we've had over 120 people come through our workshops and 
many of you keep coming back. 

To that, we say THANK YOU!

A few graduates of one of our pickling workshops!

The descriptions of the 12 Domestic Arts Workshops are HERE

The descriptions of the 12 Gardening Workshops are HERE

Raising Back Yard Chickens HERE

Please pass the word . . .
tell you friends,
co-workers, the bank teller, the grocery store stocker and the
stranger on the street about our farm (which reopens 10/17)
and our farm/garden and
home workshops!

Workshops, Farm to Table, Market

Workshops on Sunday

We have two amazing workshops Sunday afternoon along with baby chickens for sale (to those who attend the workshop)

Raising Chicken Class - click HERE

The Art of Home Made Vinegars - you'll make some! click HERE

Workshop on Thursday
Beginning Gardening 9 am - Register HERE
Growing Herbs 10:15 am - Register HERE

Farm to Table - A Little Explanation
Michael and I love honoring those FM (farm members) who consistently come and work and sweat. Our way to do that is to randomly schedule an evening together at our Farm Table Arbor - potluck style - everyone brings something along with their own bottle of whatever - we provide Perrier and we provide the ambience and what-nots.  

It's a lovely evening of randomness: food, drink, people, conversation. . . it's a platform to gather around the meal table - enjoy its dignity and beauty - experience a little alfresco. . .  and for one heart to get to know another heart. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

I AM Excited about THIS Sunday's Domestic Arts Workshop - The Art of Making Vinegars

Every morning Michael makes this little apple cider vinegar concoction for both of us drink. Now we're addicts and the day just isn't so happy without it.

Well, this Sunday, we want to inspire you to:
 #1 understand the benefits of apple cider vinegar and
#2 start making your own and
#3 have fun playing with all sorts of herb and flavor combination for salad dressings and more.....
#4 start thinking about your gift giving now....Who doesn't LOVE a home made gift of vinegar - often too expense from the store and definitely not as flavorable.

The workshop description is HERE.
The workshop fee is $30 (hands on and you'll take home the starts of your OWN vinegar)
Register HERE.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Inspiration for YOU This Week: Herbs, Refreshing Your Garden and What to Plant and How to Raise Chickens and The Art of Homemade Vinegar

It can't get much better than an all around amazing week full of inspiration! 

4 workshops - Your Garden, Your Farm and Your Home!

Register for a workshop by clicking the CLICK

Thursday 9 am - Growing Herbs - CLICK 
Thursday 10:15 am - Refreshing Your Garden and What to Plant - CLICK

Sunday 1:15 pm - How To Raise Back Yard Chickens - CLICK
Sunday 3:30 pm - The Art of Home Made Vinegars - CLICK

To read a workshop description CLICK 

Indian Food and How To Prepare It Workshop - New Price Point - $25

photo courtesy of
When Vicki Mayo comes to shop our market, she's always describing the ways she's going to prepare what it is she's buying.  If that's not enough to make you stop and listen - she THEN she talks about the spices and the herbs and a bit of this and a bit of that and how beneficial those spices and those herbs are.

So, one day, I came to my culinary senses and said, "Vicki - would you please consider teaching a workshop on India cooking/food/spices, etc."

Being the gracious woman that she is - said yes and the added spice to this is that HER MOM is teaching with her.

Simple Inspiration 
Taking The Mystery Out of Indian Style Cooking

Sunday, October 6th, 2-4 pm
The workshop fee is $25.  

See workshop description HERE

Register HERE.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hands. Her Hands.

My mother - in - love had a stroke a week or so ago and her children and some of her grandchildren (are taking turns spending time with her around her bedside - loving her, being a presence, praying for her, singing to her, comforting her.

Her life is in the balance and we don't know what the next moment holds - really - for any of us.

I've been allowing my mind and heart to ponder her - her life well-lived and of the many mental pictures I have of this remarkable woman - are her hands.

I think I'd say - she lived to love and she loved through her hands. She has lived to serve - whether it's washing your dishes, folding your laundry or re-organizing your seeds.

Mom would come to the farm to visit. Her presence was always a gift.  She liked our goats milk.

One day, while putzing around the farm, she asked if there was something she could do for me. When your husband's vision is to work and grow a self-sustaining urban farm there's always something someone can do.

I'd been organizing my seeds (I'm always organizing seeds) and what was left were the herbs and flowers, so my dear mother in love took to the task.

As I sat across from her at my little vintage table, I observed her hands.

I thought to myself, "They are beautiful hands."

I told her so, to which she replied, "No, they are 80 year old hands."

I said, "They are beautiful." I then proceeded to ask her permission to take some pictures of her, her beautiful hands and then asked if I could write about them and blog it with the pictures. She smiled and said, "Yes."

Saturday, September 14, 2013

UPDATED Workshop and Class Schedule for The Fall

UPDATED September, October and November Inspiration Workshops and Classes

All of our workshops and classes are held at The Simple Farm - 9080 E. Cactus Rd in Scottsdale. Most are held at our Inspiration Patio, some in the farm library,

others at the farm arbor or some in and amongst any garden area.

When arriving for your workshop - please park in the general market parking.

Walk toward the farm house and meet at the Inspiration Patio.


                                          Links below are to register for the workshop or class. 

For Garden Workshop descriptions go HERE.

For Domestic Arts Workshop descriptions go HERE

For Back Yard Livestock Workshop descriptions go HERE.

September - Workshops and Classes
September 15 - 3 pm - Lasagne Gardening Register HERE
September 19 - 9 am - Growing Herbs - Register HERE
September 19 - 10:15 am - Refreshing Your Garden AND What to Plant Now - Register HERE
September 22nd - 1:15 pm - Raising Backyard Chickens - Register HERE  
** This is the only class we will have baby chicks for sale - hens. 
September 22nd - 3:30 pm - The Art of Homemade Vinegar  - Register HERE
September 26th - 9 am - Beginning Gardening - Register HERE
September 26th -10:15 am - Growing Herbs - Register HERE

October Workshops and Classes 
October 3 - 9 am-  Container Gardening - HERE
October 3 - 10:15 - Sprouting - How To and Why You Should - HERE
October 6 - 2 pm - Taking the Mystery Out of Indian Cooking - HERE
October 6 - 1:15 pm - Raising Back Yard Chickens - HERE
October 10 - 9 am - Growing Herbs - Register HERE
October 10 - 10:15 - Gardening in Difficult Areas - Register HERE.
October 13 - 3 pm - Basic Cheese -Making - HERE
October 17 - 9 am - Composting - HERE
October 17 - 9 am - How to Feed (Fertilize) Your Garden HERE
October 20 - 1:15 pm - Preserving The Harvest - HERE
October 24 - 9 am - Seeds or Starts? HERE
October 24 - 9 am - Natural Pest Control HERE
October 27 - 3 pm - Basic Cheese-Making - HERE

November Workshops and Classes - More Workshops TBA for Thursdays
November 3 - 2 pm - How To Make Milk Kefir - HERE
November 3 - 3 - 4 - The Art of Homemade Vinegar  - Register HERE
November 10 - 3 pm - Advanced Cheese-Making - HERE
November 17 - 2 pm - Easy Steps to Making Yummy Bread - HERE
November 17 - 2 pm - Solar Cooking - HERE

Workshops and Classes To Be Scheduled
The Art of Fermenting
Gathering Around The Meal Table
Nourishing Butters - Making Meals Amazing
How To Make Kombucha
4-5 Ingredient Main Dishes
Shopping The Market
Basic Goat Raising
Jam Making

Sprouting and Why It's Good For You and Your Animals

photo courtesy of web logos baltimore sun

We started sprouting a few years ago and know the benefits are incredible. About a year ago, I'd seen some blogs that showed farmers sprouting for their livestock. That got my attention - again - about the value of sprouting.

We have another amazing workshop for you - 
Sprouting and Why It's for You You and Your Animals and How To Do It.

This workshop is 1.5 hours and 
will be held on Thursday morning, October 3rd at 10:15. 
The fee is $20.
The workshop description is HERE.
Register HERE for this workshop.

Cooking With The Sun

I started using a solar oven about four years ago and have to say cooking with the sun made some of the most moist chicken ever!

With a solar oven I can:
#1 Save Money - You use no electricity!
#2 Have A Back Up If Electricity Is Not Available

The workshop description is HERE.
This workshop is scheduled for Sunday, November 17th at 3 pm.
The workshop is 1.5 hours and the fee is $25

Register for this workshop HERE.

How To Feed (Fertilize) and Water Your Garden

It can be thoroughly confusing when reading a box or bottle of plant/flower/vegetable fertilizer. How do you know which one is for which garden issue and how do you know when to apply what to "feed" your vegetables? 

Our How To Feed (Fertilize) and Water Your Garden workshop will help take out some mystery!  

Workshop date is October 17th at 9 am.
Workshop description HERE
Workshop fee is $15
Register for this workshop HERE.

Workshop: Natural Pest Control

A lovely tomato horn worm - disgusting!
How do you safely and naturally combat pests in your garden? This farm/garden workshop will give you some great "how to" in your arsenal.

October 24th - 9 am
This workshop is 1 hour and 
to learn more about it - go HERE.

The workshop fee is $15. 
To register for this workshop go HERE.

Sunday Inspiration...ONLY ONE Workshop - Lasagne Gardening

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Pickling Workshop scheduled for THIS Sunday - September 15th will be rescheduled. We apologize for any and all inconveniences and will post a NEW class date for this as soon as it's scheduled!

HOWEVER, the Lasagne Gardening Style is going to be great it's 
Sunday, September 15th from 3- 4 pma and you'll also learn how to build a raised bed! 

Hands-on Workshop description HERE.
Register HERE.

Easy Steps to Making Yummy Bread

The summer of 1971 I traveled to Bavaria where I experienced life in the village of my Grandfather. I have wonderful memories of those three months there but on in particular stands out.

Those three months have such wonderful memories and one in particular was the early morning clipity clop of the bread wagon coming to the center of the village. At the time, I thought it strange that this bread was not in a plastic bag and wasn't white and soft.

Different seasons of my life, I've made bread. At one time, I made and sold bread to generate revenue for my family. 

We want you to inspire you to capture the joys of making bread 
and so we're having a hands-on bread making 
workshop on Sunday, November 17th, 3 - 5 pm

This adults only workshop is 2 hours and the fee is $30.

The workshop description is HERE

Register for this workshop HERE.

Come and Cut The Cheese!

Come, learn to make cheese! 

Beginning Cheese-Making workshop description HERE.

We have two basic cheese-making workshops scheduled on 
Sunday, October 13th from 3 - 5 pm - Register HERE 
Sunday, October 27th from 3 - 5 pm - Register HERE

Advanced Cheese-Making workshop description HERE

 advanced cheese-making workshop is on
Sunday, November 10th from 3 - 5 pm - Register HERE

The basic cheese-making workshop is a prerequisite to the advanced workshop.

Workshop fees are $30

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Art of Homemade Vinegars - For Your Health and Gifts

Photo courtesy of

We're all about teaching you the different fermentation arts: pickling, cheese-making (October 13), kefir (in November sometime) and now we've added a workshop to inspire you to make your own vinegars. Vinegar is a pantry staple and this workshop will help you conjure up a delicious homemade vinegar.

Domestic Arts - Simple Inspiration
The Art of Homemade Vinegars
Sunday, September 22nd - 3:30 - 5:30

The workshop fee is $30

See workshop description HERE

Register HERE

Taking The Mystery Out of Indian Style Cooking

photo courtesy of
When Vicki Mayo comes to shop our market, she's always describing the ways she's going to prepare what it is she's buying.  If that's not enough to make you stop and listen - she THEN she talks about the spices and the herbs and a bit of this and a bit of that and how beneficial those spices and those herbs are.

So, one day, I came to my culinary senses and said, "Vicki - would you please consider teaching a workshop on India cooking/food/spices, etc."

Being the gracious woman that she is - said yes and the added spice to this is that HER MOM is teaching with her.

Simple Inspiration 
Taking The Mystery Out of Indian Style Cooking

Sunday, October 6th, 2-4 pm
The workshop fee is $25.  

See workshop description HERE

Register HERE.

Lasagne Gardening

Simple Inspiration 
Lasagne Gardening Hands - On Workshop AND 
How To Build A Raised Bed

Sunday, September 15th 3 - 4 pm   
Workshop fee is $15
See workshop description HERE
Register HERE

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Wrote This A Few Years Ago: The Best Mother in Love a Girl Could Have

Today, my mother in love is in the hospital, she had a heart attack last week and today we are just waiting and praying that God would do a miracle only He can do in sustaining her life. We'd love a lot more years with this precious gift. 

Would you be so kind and pray with Michael and I and the family. Those of you who have met her know the jewel she is. 

Mother-in-laws sometimes don't make it into the mother-in-love relationship department , but mine did.

In the beginning of my marriage to her son, we had some rocky years of learning who each other was and who each other wasn't.

It wasn't until we worked through some good relationship speed bumps of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness that love - sweet love started to knit my heart to hers and hers to mine.

Today, I would truly give my life for this woman.

A few weeks ago, I told her that I wanted for our home to be on the "top of her list" as the place to come to - should she need to shift gears and not live alone anymore. It's not because she comes for little visits, is this huge help by tenderly waters the garden and helping nail together old vintage fences - but it's because I love her deeply, want her to feel wanted and cared for - not because of what she can or can't do, but because of who she is.

And, because it's a good, honoring thing to do and because I love God.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Raising BackYard Chickens - TWO Workshops

Often, Michael and I get asked about "having a chicken class" and so now we are having 
TWO Raising Backyard Chicken workshops on 

Register HERE for September 22nd workshop - 1:15 - 2:45 pm.
The September 22nd class is the ONLY class we will be selling baby chicks at.

Register HERE for Sunday, October 6th workshop - 1:15 - 2:45 pm

Workshop description here
Workshop fee is $25.

Organic feed resource:
Azure Standard - go HERE
Phoenix Organic Feed - go HERE

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Simple Home: Nourishing Tradition - The Beauty of Fermentation and Cultures

Years ago, while living in a run down farm house in North Texas surrounded by golden wheat fields, a copy of Mother Earth News ended up in my mail box. I dog-eared that copy like a second Bible. It was my only resource and 'how to' for farm style hand ground bread (very European) goat milk yogurt and this a feta-like cheese I'd make for lasagna.

At the time, I had a small herd of dairy goats, a flock of hens and I use a cast iron stove in the middle of the living room to cook red beans for days (the best beans you'd ever eat).

As a single mother, I would make and sell the yogurt, the farm bread, eggs and the raw goat's milk (legal at that time).  Along with working at a little grocery story a few hours a week - selling my farm goods - made it enough to sustain us with a simple life.

Life then was just enough. It was good enough. It was simple. It was healthy for the body and the soul.

Fast forward: eight years ago, our youngest daughter introduced me to Sally Fallon's book - Nourishing Traditions.   A large group of her friends (now all in their later thirties) would get together with an older woman and learn the art of culturing milk, making kefir, creme fresh and kombucha. I was smitten.

Life often leads you on interesting paths where you want to make it "simple" by not doing food the long way - but the processed way. . . the quick way . . . because other things seem more important. I went that "simple" way because I was busy with other things.

Moving to 9080, growing a bit of food for ourselves and some for others (that was the idea of this farming adventure) led me back to those roots (actually half my family were European farmers) of taking the time to prepare food, experience with cultures and fermented food.  I now want to share that with you . . . and Simple Inspiration will soon be offering a variety of classes to inspire you to experience what is really good. . . for you . . . for your health . . . for your family.

The interest is there and the inspiration will continue. We know this to be true because our first two pickling classes filled the limited seating within several days.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Simple Inspiration: BackYard Livestock. The First Class - Chickens

When we began our idea of Simple Inspirations - it was to provide workshops and classes to the community around us - inspiring you in THREE AREAS of living.

Track #1 - Grow Your Own Food 
For the past five weeks we've presented as many workshops and classes as we can on everything to do with growing fruits, vegetables and now Herbs {here} on September 19th and Lasagne Gardening {here}on September 15th.

Track # 2  Reclaiming The Domestic Arts
This Simple Inspiration Track thrills me and I blogged about it here.  So far we've held one Pickling Workshop and the second one is scheduled for this Sunday here. We have every Sunday in October scheduled with more workshops that center around your meal table. I'll blog about them this weekend, but here are the subjects:

  • October 6th - Farm to Table - Indian Style (or Taking the Mystery Out of Indian Cooking
  • October 13th - Basic Cheesemaking (with an optional Farm to Table Dinner)
  • October 20th - Preserving The Harvest
  • October 27th - Basic Cheesemaking

Track # 3 Your Backyard Livestock
Today, we just scheduled the first class in this track. Michael and I are incredibly excited to have you meet Bobbie Roth. She's quite the farmer celebrity here in the Phoenix Valley with press here and here

Bobbie will be at the farm Sunday September 22nd to teach a wonderful and informative class: Raising BackYard Chicken.  The Class will go from 1:15 until 2:45 on Sunday afternoon. Class fee is $20. Register HERE.

IF this Sunday doesn't work for you, we've asked her to do a second Raising BackYard Chicken on Sunday, October 6th at 1:15 until 2:45 pm. Class fee is $20. Register HERE.

Psst....Bobbie's next workshop is Preserving the Harvest on Sunday, October 20th from 1:15 - 3:15. All about canning with a demonstration on how to use a pressure cooker.  Workshop description to come - but register now HERE.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Farm Update: 2 New Workshops and Thinking Pumpkins

Two Farm Updates....

Plant Sales
Plant Sales for Your Gardens - is closed down UNTIL we reopen the farm. This gives Suzanne Vilardi and her team lots of time to grow all the vegetables on your list for fall planting. I've been privy to her pipeline of what's going to be available and let's just say...I'm giddy. 

Farm Re-open Date
So - when WILL our farm REOPEN to the general public? Mark the date - Michael says:

Thursday, OCTOBER 17th
and every Thursday - 8:30 until Noon
Deliciousness at our Farm
Inspiration at our Farm
Us and you at our Farm

Some of the delicious herbs we grow at The Simple Farm.

2 New Workshops
Beginning Gardening - September 12th at 9 am 
Be inspired to start your own garden!  Learn all the steps needed to start gardening and growing your vegetables and herbs. Register HERE.

Herbs - All About Growing Herbs - September 19th at 9 am
As you know, if you come to our market, that I love herbs and we grow many wonderful culinary herbs along with some medicinal ones.  

The Herb Workshop Scoop:
Basil thyme, mint, oregano....Fresh herbs add life to salads and dressings, veggies, meat and even desserts and beverages. They also have many health benefits. Even so, they are an expensive luxury these days, one that many households bypass in favor of their dried (but less tasty) versions.  There is no need to buy expensive fresh herbs at the grocery story in order to experience their beauty, aroma and tantalizing flavors. The answer? GROW THEM Yourself! It's easier than you think!

In this workshop, Kari, will teach you the basics of starting and maintain an herb garden, as well as how to harvest your herbs. You will explore herb preservation methods and cooking tips!

Register HERE

Thinking Pumpkins and Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin Scones and Pumpkin Butter!

Pie Pumpkins from Crooked Sky Farms
We're always evaluating the farm - redefining areas and right now the West Wall Inspiration Garden area is beginning to take on a new look.

Different farm members have been working hard to clean out and set up to get ready for a Fall Harvest ~ Pumpkin Patch area (details of all the fun will be blogged about in October), a Hands-On area for gardening workshops - the first one is HERE. The idea (just forming) is to create a garden learning center with kids and parents in mind.

But for now, won't you think PUMPKINS with me?  Just to help you think PUMPKINS with me - here's the most delicious Pumpkin Scone recipe ever!!! Go HERE.

Give Goat Gifts From Our Farm

More and more is being written about the benefits that come from products made from goat's milk. For the skin -it's the same ph as skin and for the food aspect - it's alkaline verses acidic and most lactose intolerant people tolerate very well cheese and milk from goat's milk.

Here are two gift ideas for you.

Salted Goat's Milk Caramels
Need I say more about our farmstead salted goat milk caramels AND our salted caramel sauce? Just this morning I started several fresh, small batches of our caramel sauce. Ice Cream, brownies, oatmeal, pancakes, coffee, crepes, apple crisp and ?

Pick up from the farm or ordering online at

Sorry, we do not ship this - right now.

Goat's Milk Soap
Want happy skin? Try Annabelle's Goat's Milk Soap - it's at our market and it's deliciously luxurious. I prefer the oatmeal that is unscented. Besides the goat milk - and the different oils she uses, I love the oatmeal - it's a wonderful and natural exfoliant. There's lots of different ones at the market and they're all amazing.

One of the benefits of goat's milk soap is that it's the same ph as your skin. Read this Top Ten Benefits here and then stop by our farm on Thursday to pick up a few bars.