Wednesday, June 27, 2012

$250K Grant For The Simple Farm - Will You Help Us?

We are asking for your help....
for your vote and 
that you would ask all your Face book friends to vote for us too. 

We have an opportunity to win a $250K grant as a small business and heaven knows we could sure use a shot in the arm to grow and expand this farm. 

Scroll below as to who it's from and what we would love you to do. 

To increase the awareness of the important role small businesses play in local communities and to help small business grow - Mission Small Business will be awarding 12 small businesses a $250K grant and The Simple Farm has applied and we need YOUR help. 

We wrote:  

This grant would turn a dream into a reality by giving us the opportunity to build our commercial kitchen, purchase a jar-filling machine, hire a small kitchen team for increased gourmet goat milk caramel and fudge production, enabling our farm to sell our caramel to stores nation-wide.  

We would build a bigger greenhouse, purchase a new tractor to plow through hard, unused ground, a walk-in cooler, a milk machine, pasteurizer, and a parcel of land close by to increase the size of our herd for even more production. 

This is what you do:

1. Go here - www://
2. Log in (on the right side of page) with Facebook to support us
3. You'll end up to a page that looks like this:


Vote for your favorite small businesses in your community. Each business needs 
at least 250 votes to be considered for 
$250,000 grant. 
Eligible small business applicants will then be judged by a panel of business experts.
You can search by your favorite business' name or by your city/state to see a list of businesses in your area.

4. In the box that says - BUSINESS NAME - type in our name - The Simple Farm - and click on the SEARCH button on the right - {just ignore the state and city boxes). Then SCROLL DOWN - you'll see The Simple Farm on the left and "VOTE" on the right.  Click on "VOTE"
5.  Then pass it on to your FB page.