Saturday, September 1, 2012

If You Haven't Been Around Lately . . .

. . . my amazing husband has added raised beds to increase production for our French market and we're considering the possibility of starting a few harvest baskets. That's where you pay for 12 weeks in advance and are entitled to a weekly harvest basket share of our farm's produce.  This is only in the thinking stage, however.

Here's what's been happening . . .

Swiss Chard

Raised beds in the new Market Garden (just north of the vintage fence).

Nice sized raised beds on the Vintage Field. The right one has landscape cloth in it to
ward off weeds and bermuda. Does it work?
Not really.  Weeds and bermuda are just part of life. Ugh.

We're also cleaning out - spring cleaning - in the dead of summer heat - if you will. As we are growing and expanding - we've visited our farm "systems and set ups."  We rented one of those big HUGE orange dumpsters to DUMP things that would not work for our recycle needs.  Now we're working on round two of cleaning and purging - inside and outside.

Previous market prep area cleaned out for the expanded market room.

Changes are being made in EVERY storage area - the market area included.  So, if you see piles of "stuff" in lots of places - those are piles that our wonderful City of Scottsdale is being so kind to bring a dump truck this week and take ALL our piles. Awesome city! Awesome Waste Management Manager.

It's been a summer of good hard work - in anticipation of an amazing fall season of roots and shoots.  We still have not landed on a date to reopen the regular market - it definitely will be the very end of September if not the first week of October. But if you don't subscribe to the blog - you'll want to - so you'll know when that will be.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Help at The Farm

We grew up with some pretty strong work ethics and we believe in modeling those ethics to our children and grandchildren.  We always look for any opportunity to bring the children along with farm chores we're doing - milking the goats, planting seeds, fertilizing, making pies, doing dishes, feeding the chickens, etc.

If you are patient you can capture a child's heart when they're little - and bring them along side to work/play with you.

Here's two little video clips of this evenings helping hands.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ground Wheat Bread and Milk

In spite of there being "no market" there still is a "market" of sorts at the farm.  Those every day staples like eggs, milk (goat), some produce like eggplant, squash, Armenian cucumbers and herbs, honey and caramel.

Tomorrow bread will be back at the farm.  

Cinnamon Raisin
Sprouted Wheat
A lovely selection of Baguettes

I asked Carol to freeze this fresh batch - so it will stay nice and fresh for you in the farm market freezer.

Milk - Goat's Milk - I can't help but smile every time someone walks in and tells the story that their doctor told them to start drinking goats milk rather than cow. We appreciate the partnership we have with Wendell and Rhonda Crow of Crow's Dairy - carrying their farmstead artisan cheeses and goats milk.

Stop by Monday - Saturday and shop our farm from 7 am until 7 pm. It's the Honor System Market.