Saturday, July 28, 2012

In The Midst of Planning . . .

 . . . there's nothing like sitting down with the love of my life, drinking a little French pressed coffee and eating one of Grano de Vida's cranberry scones . . . while planning for this next seasons plantings.

I just wish they weren't so good. 

Email me at if you're interested in ordering these cranberry scones.

Don't forget - our regular market is closed until sometime in September, 
but our Honor System Market is still open. You can buy eggs, honey, caramel, goat's milk and chevre and feta and gelato and quark and sour cream any day of the week. 
I'll do a quick update when we harvest our produce that will be in baskets in the market. 
We'll continue to grow eggplant, bunching onions, peppers, melons, herbs, okra, 
long yard beans and whatever else survives the heat. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Order Your Bread

We feel so privileged to have Carol Frith, of Grano de Vida, as our farm's bread maker. She's an amazingly gifted woman who has studied bread making for over 18 years. She loves baking bread and that love comes out in each and every loaf, roll, baguette she makes. 

Besides purchasing your breads at our weekly markets, you're able to place an order by Monday morning (before 10 am) with a fresh bread pick up on Fridays (between noon and 5ish pm). 

Simply email me at place BREAD ORDER in the subject line and then list out what you want and how many. If for some reason we don't reach the $50 a week minimum, I'll email you to let you know.

Order any of these nutritious and yummy breads for your family, your next party and don't forget the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah and enjoy Carol's personal story about each specialty bread. 

Baguette Selection 
Baked in a 500 degree oven on a pizza stone.

Rosemary Filone: A 12”-13” oblong Tuscan style bread. Made with high quality King Arthur unbleached flour, fresh rosemary from my garden and olive oil. This is a bread takes over 20 hours to make, but is worth it when you take your first bite. Amazing with your favorite soup or salad. Each loaf is 10 oz. 

Whole Wheat Garlic: A 12”-13” oblong Italian style bread. We start with whole wheat berries which I grind into flour, fresh chopped garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. This bread is great as an appetizer, made into sandwiches, or just a long side a bowl of pasta. If you are a garlic lover, you will enjoy this bread. Each loaf is 10 oz. 

Rosemary and Kalamata Olive: For those of you who enjoy Kalamata olives, this bread is for you. I have taken the Rosemary Filone bread recipe and have added big chunks of chopped olives. Still using the high quality King Arthur flour, fresh rosemary from my garden and olive oil. Each loaf is 8 oz. 

Tomato Basil: The taste of an Italian summer garden captured in a baguette. This Italian bread begins with the finest quality King Arthur unbleached flour. We then add handfuls of fresh, out of the garden basil, freshly hand ground peppercorns and sun dried tomatoes. We put it together with olive oil, salt and yeast to make an incredible bread. The dough is lovingly nurtured for over 20 hours then shaped into long baguettes and baked on a pizza stone.  A perfect bread to dip in olive oil, top with cheese and of course along side your favorite summer salad. Each baguette is 8 oz.

Three Cheese and Black Pepper:  Cheese...cheese...cheese. Gruyere, Pecorino, Romano and Parmesan & Gouda Melange are all brought together with fresh hand ground black peppercorns to form this amazingly delicious baguette.  Each of these cheeses alone would make a wonderful tasting bread, but brought together, the taste is indescribable. This bread, like all my other baguettes, require more than 20 hours to complete. But the flavors produced during this time are always worth the effort. This bread works great as an appetizer with goat cheese or served along side your favorite soup or salad. Each baguette is 8 oz.


Ciabatta Rolls: This recipe comes from “Bread Alone”, written by Dan Leader. Dan study the art of artisan bread baking all over Europe and learned to perfect this amazing bread from “Dr. Ciabatta, at the Italian baking show in Verona. This bread is airy and chewy and made into a roll, it's the perfect start to a mouthwatering sandwich. These rolls take over 20 hours to complete. 

For a sandwich: slice roll open and lightly toast/grill. Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with a dash salt/pepper or a dollop of pesto. Add cheeses, meats (grilled chicken)and arugula for a gourmet meal. Makes a great meatball sandwich too. A great alternative to crackers: slice roll open, brush with olive oil and salt and pepper. Cut each half into fourths and grill. Delicious! 
Pita Bread

Pita Breads: Pita bread is a yeast flat bread which is baked in a 500 degrees oven on a pizza stone. While baking in the extremely hot oven, the flat bread puffs up to form a pocket which can be filled with all sorts of yummy hot or cold ingredients. Pita bread originated in Egypt and the middle east. Historians believe its history dates far into antiquity since flat breads in general are among the most ancient breads needing no oven. Pitas can be split open horizontally or cut right down the middle to form 2 halves. Each side can be stuffed with exciting possibilities. A no mess sandwich for on the go.

I start with grinding whole wheat berries into flour. I add water, honey, salt, yeast, and a small amount of gluten flour. Notice there is no oil or fat. Each pita is 4 oz. and about 6-7inches round, making a large sandwich. 


Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread: Did you know that there are many health benefits to cinnamon? It is believed that cinnamon can improve your energy, vitality and circulation. It also has a beneficial effect on blood sugar. Did you further know that raisins have an abundance of health benefits? Raisins are a wonderful source of potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Iron, Vitamin B complex and copper are also contained in the little raisin, which gives great benefit to your blood. Raisins also aid in the absorption of calcium, so our hair, skin, nails and bones will be happy. 24 oz loaf

Whole Wheat Sprouted Wheat berry Bread: For those of you wanting a nutritious sandwich bread, this is for you. Wheat berries are kernels or wheat seeds which can be ground into flour or sprouted and put into soups, salads, or baked into bread. Sprouting advocates claim that sprouted grains increase the content of vitamin “C”, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin as much as 100 times compared to unsprouted grains. 

For people interested in keeping their sugar levels on a even keel, sprouted grain breads have a lower glycemic index than breads not containing sprouted wheat berries. The sprouted berries add a nutty, crunchy, chewy texture to this 1 1/2 lb. loaf of bread. This bread contains wheat berries which have been sprouted over 3 days, wheat berries grounded into fresh flour, high gluten flour, olive oil, honey, salt and yeast. Each loaf is 24 oz. 

Cranberry Vanilla Seed Bread, is a 13 oz. loaf that starts with wheat berries ground into fresh flour. I add raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, cranberries and vanilla. Then for an extra crunch, I sprinkle chopped sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds atop each loaf. This bread is the perfect blend of sweet, nutty, and crunch. A wonderful breakfast bread! 

This seed bread is full of nutritional benefits. Raw Pumpkin seeds are naturally rich in protein, zinc, essential fatty acids, magnesium and fiber. To boot they contain most of the ‘B’ vitamins, along with C,D,E and K. Pumpkin seeds can help lower LDL “bad” cholesterol and they contain phytosterols which is a compound which helps protect the body against certain cancers. 

Raw Sunflower Seeds, much like the pumpkin seed, are chock full of health benefits. They contain much of the same vitamins and minerals that the body requires daily. Sunflower seeds contain high levels of an amino acid known as Tryptophan, which raises your serotonin and aids in the preventions of anxiety, tension and depression. This tiny seed also helps with blood pressure and helps lower the bad cholesterol. 

The cranberry is a wonderful source of vitamin C and K and is a rich source of fiber. Wow, this bread not only taste great, but is good for you too. It is a smaller loaf at 13 oz. 

Simple Rustic Farm Bread: A beautiful 1 lb. free formed round loaf, covered in a variety of rolled grains; this bread is packed with love and goodness. This rustic bread starts with freshly ground wheat berries, honey and olive oil. I then add rye, oats, barley, rolled red wheat, sunflower seeds and flax, which makes a nutritious, crunchy, chewy bread. It goes great with salads, soups, or made into sandwiches. It is also great toasted with a bit of melting butter on top for breakfast. Each loaf is 16 oz. 

Freedom Bread: Created to celebrate the birth of our nation, is full of incredible health promoting berries. Blueberries, cranberries and sunflower seeds are brought together with freshly ground hard white wheat berries, honey and olive oil. Blueberries are rich in anti oxidants, vitamins C, B complex, E and vitamin A. They boost your immune system and help prevent infections. Blueberries also neutralize free radicals, which can affect disease and aging in the body. Cranberries are also a great source of anti oxidants and other phytonutrients which may help prevent heart disease. A delicious round, one pound loaf of bread taste amazing toasted for breakfast, makes a fun sandwich, or goes great along side a cool summer salad. Each 16 oz loaf 

By the's Carol. Isn't she more than adorable?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Break . . . . And What To Expect

Sorry - this is A LONG blog update post.

It's official - after THIS Saturday July 28th from 8 am until 11:30 am....our regular Thursday and Saturday mornings market will close until sometime in September. We will announce that re-opening here on the blog. If you don't subscribe to our blog - you'll want to. There is a form to subscribe with your email address over on the right.

We have to take advantage of the window of time to focus on planning, prepping and planting for the beautiful fall season crop of roots (beets, turnips, carrots, radishes) and shoots (all those leafy greens like kale, chard, lettuces, etc.).  

HONOR System Market
Monday - Friday from 7 am until 7 pm we have an HONOR System market with everything in the black fridge .  . . . see HERE about the HONOR System at our farm.  The farm is closed weekends until sometime in September. 

What We'll Have At The Market
We will continue to have all our GOAT MILK PRODUCTS: chevre, feta, milk, gelato, caramel

As they are available, we'll have eggs and honey.

Produce Available Too
We will also still be harvesting produce like eggplant, some watermelons, okra and herbs and these will be at the market.  When we harvest a basket full of produce, I'll announce what's available by putting out a quick blogpost.

Order Your Bread
The bread you love - Grano de Vida will continue to be available by ordering it on Sunday afternoon up until Monday morning at 10 am and Friday pick up at the farm.

This Is How You Order Your Bread
Email me no later than Monday morning at 10 am with your bread order (see bread selections here). My email is  Put in the subject bar: BREAD ORDER.

Bread will arrive Friday morning and need to be picked up anytime from NOON until 5 pm. All breads ordered will be at the market with your name on your order and the amount. You simply pay for your bread by placing your sales slip and the money in that Drop Box in the armoire. There is only one thing....the farm needs to have orders of $50 each week for delivery. If for some reason we don't have that on Monday mornings, I'll email everyone and let them know.

The breads we offer are: cinnamon raisin, sprouted wheat, ciabatta, pita bread and all those amazing Grano de Vida baguettes - garlic, Kalamata olive and rosemary, sun-dried tomato with basil, three cheese.

Confused? Got questions? Call the farm phone at 480.206.7821 or email us at

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Black Mesa Ranch - Whole Foods Pays a Visit

Our first dairy goats were from David and Kathryn's herd at Black Mesa Ranch and we knew Whole Foods paid them a visit and here's the beauty of that visit with David, Kathryn and the girls.

I have to admit - I got a bit choked up seeing the clip.  Goats. goats. Goats. It's why we and other dairy goat farmers do what we do and the wonderful thing in this state of Arizona is that each dairy goat farmer - Crow's Dairy, Fiora de Capra, Black Mesa Ranch, Fossil Creek and even us at The Simple Farm - all support and applaud each other. It's a beautiful thing.