Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Domestic Arts Pickling Workshop Graduates! The Next Simple Inspiration Pickling Class

We have our first Domestic Arts Pickling Workshop graduates!

Today, these women sliced and diced and chatted away while making and canning their yummy pickles.  Join us for Kari's second Pickling Class 

Sunday, September 8th 3-5 pm    Register HERE.

Did you know you can pickle just about anything? Cucumbers, radishes, beets, carrots, corn, okra, peppers....well, pretty much any vegetable can be pickled. 

Kari Spencer is our delightful workshop instructor. In this workshop she will go over supplies, types of brines, tips for pickling all sorts of foods, and more useful bits of knowledge that will bring your at-home pickling skills to the next level.  Workshop is limited to 10. 

DATE: 9/8
TIME: 3 - 5 pm
PLACE: The Simple Farm - Farm Patio
COST: $25 - Advance Registration HERE
(includes supplies and you will take your own jar of pickled goodness home!)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hands On With Jill - Lasagna Gardening - Another Simple Inspiration - September 15th 3-4 pm

Simple Inspiration - 
Another Delicious Gardening Class
Sunday, September 15th
3 - 4 pm
The Simple Farm
Class fee - $10.00

Register for this workshop here

There are lots of ways to garden, but Jill of Sweet Life Garden, says that after years of gardening she and Hal, "finally got smart" and read Lasagna Gardening by Pat Lanza - a book she says changed her method of gardening from the "dig and dump" method to what she calls the "forest floor method."

On Sunday afternoon, September 15th from 3-4 pm, Jill will take you step by step - hands on - using the principles of Lasagna Gardening along with the bags of amendments we both use.

Register here.