Saturday, September 21, 2013

12 Domestic Arts Workshops and 12 Gardening Workshops and 1 Livestock Workshop

We're thrilled at your response to our farm's workshops. 
Since staring Simple Inspiration the end of July 
we've had over 120 people come through our workshops and 
many of you keep coming back. 

To that, we say THANK YOU!

A few graduates of one of our pickling workshops!

The descriptions of the 12 Domestic Arts Workshops are HERE

The descriptions of the 12 Gardening Workshops are HERE

Raising Back Yard Chickens HERE

Please pass the word . . .
tell you friends,
co-workers, the bank teller, the grocery store stocker and the
stranger on the street about our farm (which reopens 10/17)
and our farm/garden and
home workshops!

Workshops, Farm to Table, Market

Workshops on Sunday

We have two amazing workshops Sunday afternoon along with baby chickens for sale (to those who attend the workshop)

Raising Chicken Class - click HERE

The Art of Home Made Vinegars - you'll make some! click HERE

Workshop on Thursday
Beginning Gardening 9 am - Register HERE
Growing Herbs 10:15 am - Register HERE

Farm to Table - A Little Explanation
Michael and I love honoring those FM (farm members) who consistently come and work and sweat. Our way to do that is to randomly schedule an evening together at our Farm Table Arbor - potluck style - everyone brings something along with their own bottle of whatever - we provide Perrier and we provide the ambience and what-nots.  

It's a lovely evening of randomness: food, drink, people, conversation. . . it's a platform to gather around the meal table - enjoy its dignity and beauty - experience a little alfresco. . .  and for one heart to get to know another heart. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

I AM Excited about THIS Sunday's Domestic Arts Workshop - The Art of Making Vinegars

Every morning Michael makes this little apple cider vinegar concoction for both of us drink. Now we're addicts and the day just isn't so happy without it.

Well, this Sunday, we want to inspire you to:
 #1 understand the benefits of apple cider vinegar and
#2 start making your own and
#3 have fun playing with all sorts of herb and flavor combination for salad dressings and more.....
#4 start thinking about your gift giving now....Who doesn't LOVE a home made gift of vinegar - often too expense from the store and definitely not as flavorable.

The workshop description is HERE.
The workshop fee is $30 (hands on and you'll take home the starts of your OWN vinegar)
Register HERE.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Inspiration for YOU This Week: Herbs, Refreshing Your Garden and What to Plant and How to Raise Chickens and The Art of Homemade Vinegar

It can't get much better than an all around amazing week full of inspiration! 

4 workshops - Your Garden, Your Farm and Your Home!

Register for a workshop by clicking the CLICK

Thursday 9 am - Growing Herbs - CLICK 
Thursday 10:15 am - Refreshing Your Garden and What to Plant - CLICK

Sunday 1:15 pm - How To Raise Back Yard Chickens - CLICK
Sunday 3:30 pm - The Art of Home Made Vinegars - CLICK

To read a workshop description CLICK 

Indian Food and How To Prepare It Workshop - New Price Point - $25

photo courtesy of
When Vicki Mayo comes to shop our market, she's always describing the ways she's going to prepare what it is she's buying.  If that's not enough to make you stop and listen - she THEN she talks about the spices and the herbs and a bit of this and a bit of that and how beneficial those spices and those herbs are.

So, one day, I came to my culinary senses and said, "Vicki - would you please consider teaching a workshop on India cooking/food/spices, etc."

Being the gracious woman that she is - said yes and the added spice to this is that HER MOM is teaching with her.

Simple Inspiration 
Taking The Mystery Out of Indian Style Cooking

Sunday, October 6th, 2-4 pm
The workshop fee is $25.  

See workshop description HERE

Register HERE.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hands. Her Hands.

My mother - in - love had a stroke a week or so ago and her children and some of her grandchildren (are taking turns spending time with her around her bedside - loving her, being a presence, praying for her, singing to her, comforting her.

Her life is in the balance and we don't know what the next moment holds - really - for any of us.

I've been allowing my mind and heart to ponder her - her life well-lived and of the many mental pictures I have of this remarkable woman - are her hands.

I think I'd say - she lived to love and she loved through her hands. She has lived to serve - whether it's washing your dishes, folding your laundry or re-organizing your seeds.

Mom would come to the farm to visit. Her presence was always a gift.  She liked our goats milk.

One day, while putzing around the farm, she asked if there was something she could do for me. When your husband's vision is to work and grow a self-sustaining urban farm there's always something someone can do.

I'd been organizing my seeds (I'm always organizing seeds) and what was left were the herbs and flowers, so my dear mother in love took to the task.

As I sat across from her at my little vintage table, I observed her hands.

I thought to myself, "They are beautiful hands."

I told her so, to which she replied, "No, they are 80 year old hands."

I said, "They are beautiful." I then proceeded to ask her permission to take some pictures of her, her beautiful hands and then asked if I could write about them and blog it with the pictures. She smiled and said, "Yes."