Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Close to Insane . . .

. . . is what I'd call this mornings harvest for Thursday's French Market. We harvested boat loads of carrots, beets and turnips. Close to the close of the season for these roots, so now is the time to dig out some delicious recipes and prepare them for family and friends for a great meal this weekend.

All our heirloom squash is going gang busters - almost too pretty to eat and tomatoes are turning corners into the lovely colors intended by Providence.

And of course the famous Grano de Vida bread company is about to show up with the bread wagon of fresh baked breads that are to die for. Crows Dairy Goat Cheese is here too!

The New Gourmet Goat (Salted caramel) will show its pretty little self on Thursday as well.

Michael is planning on juicing carrots and beets - making the freshest ever - indeed healthy - juice for the morning market.

So, plan on coming and hanging out at our French Market and Cafe in the morning.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The New Gourmet Goat Has Arrived

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better with my original vanilla caramel - it has.  A few years back I spent some time in Basque Country - Spain and France.

Pretty much every other day I'd drive over to Biarritz for the purpose of stopping off at Henriet.  Salted caramels were my mission. I'd never really tasted a salted caramel before my visit to France. I mean a real salted caramel. No one can make this candy better than the French.

You know how it is - memory/comfort food - it always sticks with you. Since experimenting with our goat's milk and making our own caramel (in a jar) I've had this secret desire to attempt to - at least get a close taste - of that salted caramel I loved in France.

I think I got it. At least close enough for my likings.  Before we could market the new Gourmet Goat - Michael wanted some taste testers. I pretty much got a nice thumbs up on our Guinea pigs and so now.....tada.......the New Gourmet Goat has arrived and will be on shelves at Thursday's Little French Market.....and I can't wait for you to experience a "taste of Henriet - from Biarritz, France" with me.

As soon as we can the Gourmet Goat (salted caramel in a jar) will be available for mail order in the US only.