Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Egg

Yesterday we sold out of ALL - I mean ALL our eggs. Michael even took a few of my fresh stash from the kitchen because our market lovers kept coming and I kept having to apologize that we'd sold out.  One new market lover came with her two little girls - so Michael even took her and her two littles to the hen house and took them right out from under the girls - an experience, hopefully, those two little ones will remember.

Today, Michael came in with a big basket of part of yesterday's loot and this mornings. With a big grin on his face he said, "My first egg."  When a hen starts her life on egg production her first eggs are tiny.

Today, someone started doing what she was created to do. . . lay one egg every 26 hours.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Find Out What's Growing . . .

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Sunday, The Day After

It's Sunday afternoon and while sipping an afternoon cup of French Press my thoughts lean back toward the absolute success of our second farm event and our first either annual or semi-annual Vintage Barn Sale (incredible flea market finds and our farmer's market)

{see pictures here and here and here 

For over a year, this Vintage Barn Sale has been something I've dreamed about, thought about and planned. Michael was on board from the get go to make this happen at our farm because he understands my love for everything French and vintage.

During the past three days our farm had more visitors than Michael or I'd ever expected.  For this barn sale we teamed with Tara of Junk Restore and, in spite of some unusually hot days, it was well attended. We're guessing that each day there were at least 500 hundred (a day) vintage and flea market lovers, lookers and buyers.  Each day before our gates officially opened we had a small line up of people waiting to come in!

Surrounding our farm drive way we directed traffic as 32 amazing vendors set up their vintage {refinished} furniture, decorative items and more. Each vendor won our hearts {Michael, mine and Anita's} and we're looking forward to partnering with many of them for our fall barn sale.

Many people that came didn't even know The Simple Farm existed.  Up until now, we'd been Scottsdale's Best Kept Secret.

The dust has barely settled and Anita and we already have plans for the Fall Simple Farm Vintage Barn Sale.  As soon as we solidify our date and details for our vendors, we'll blog it.  Without a doubt our Scottsdale farm location right off the 101 is fabulous for such a city event.