Friday, September 3, 2010

What's The Farm Taking To The Market Saturday?

Bright and early this Saturday morning we'll be at North Scottsdale's Farmers' Market. Michael's bringing both wild and market arugula, fresh basil (which sells out fairly quickly), eggplant, cucumbers, dried herbs from my personal potager garden, some butternut squash, some of our French melons along with some eggs, fresh wheat grass, mint and of course fresh cut flowers.

My dear and faithful market friend, Anita, will be there setting up making everything look lovely (like she always does) while I'm at the farm milking the four does.

I plan to hopefully arrive by 7:30 and I can hardly wait to see all the new people who discover the beauty of this market as it unfolds week by week.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Girlfriend Day At The Farm

Today three new girlfriends gathered at The Simple Farm.  None knew each other, but were invited to get together to A. learn how to milk a goat  B. meet a new friend   C. discover the awesomeness of goat's milk   D.  plant herbs   E.  share in the appreciation for real food at a local farm.

Stephanie (aka Skinny Jeans on twitter), Rachel (aka Croissant in the City) and Merissa (aka NS Farmers' Market) sipped French press, enjoyed Rachel's delicious cinnamon bread and soaked up the morning time with discovering a bit about each other and their very similar life passions - for authenticity, real food, eating healthy and living life to the fullest - in a peaceful way.

After a little noshing . . . it was of to our favorite thing to do - milk the girls . . .

and teach other people (those city folk) how to milk them too.

Each farm guest go a gold star today and the girls: Lavender, Cinnamon and Storm got double gold stars for their patience.

Stephanie posted her thought [pics & vid] about the morning here on her blog.  This video clip is also on her blog. It's yours truly...