Monday, July 19, 2010

We're Busy Working And . . .

 . . . discing our field and planting a few things (yup, even in this heat) that will be for the starts of our fall crop.

We've seeded French Breakfast Radishes and will do more with consecutive seedings. I know we're a tad early for these, but thought we'd try and see what happens.
We've seeded Heirloom Pumpkins:  Small Sugar Pumpkin & Sugar Pie Pumpkin. And, for the kids pumpkin patch, we've seeded Big Max pumpkins.
We've seeded Italian Pole beans and more eggplant.
We've seeded a ton of zinnia (great to attract bees), a ton of mammoth sun flowers and a desert wild flower mix.
We've also seeded a lot of love and nurture into each one.

Pumpkins popping up!

The Simple Farm at North Scottsdale's Farmers' Market

We're excited and feel incredibly honored to be the farmers from the neighborhood at North Scottsdale's Farmer's Market on Saturdays (7 am - 11 am).

This past Saturday was our first time to bring our organically (not yet certified) grown heirloom tomatoes, arugula, eggplant, red-cored carrots and cucumbers. We also brought dozens of our eggs from our chickens who don't do drugs.

Each week we'll show up with whatever it is that we have that is in season and just harvested fresh from the farm.  

Right now, we are in between growing and harvesting seasons - at the end of one and just planting for the next so our market spot might not have baskets filled to overflowing but just the same we believe that so much of a farmer's market has to do with the people we connect to and the relationships and the trust that we build. 

We've had a simply amazing season for our heirloom tomatoes and quite frankly we're sad to see it slow down - and yet, as we begin to summ-erize our plants and add our kelp and mycro concoction we are looking forward with great anticipation to a second wind of beautiful (ask Chef Becky from The Herb Box) luchious tomatoes.  Brandywine, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Yellow Boy and more have graced the restaurants plates and filled others baskets - as well as our own family dinner table.

We hope you stop by and say hello and please, it'd honor us if you left a comment! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What About The Simple Farm

The Simple Farm is the local farm in the neighborhood off Cactus Rd and the 101. We're located at 9080 E. Cactus Rd in Scottsdale.

Last fall, Michael and I (and our family) had an opportunity to move back into this wonderful Spanish style ranch home and lease the (almost 3 acres) land to reclaim it and return it to its original state - farming.

We love what we're doing and get to do what we love - digging in dirt, looking at how amazing seeds are, gathering eggs from our chickens that don't do drugs, milk our three Nubian dairy goats, and eat the fruit of our labor.  It's simply amazing.

Because of the huge interest in the "farm in the neighborhood" we're in the process of establishing "visiting" hours to the farm. If you're interested in coming and seeing what we're up to - please email us at  We can't wait to meet you!