Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sorry...One More Farm UPdate...

We have decided (heat is part of the reason) to close the Thursday afternoon market (it was 4 - 6) with next week being our last.

We will, instead, have our Saturday morning market from 8 - 11:30 and of course we know that it won't always work for everyone and we apologize for that.

Thursday Afternoon Market News

Today, obviously, was more than full. Needless to say, we're a small farm (we'll keep it that way) and we produce and harvest as much as we can.

This afternoons market will be very small. We'll still open 4 -6 but perhaps try coming Saturday morning at 8.

We will close all gates until 8 am.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls for our Saturday French Cafe

Carol, our farm's bread maker, is more than amazing. She is a woman who has studied bread making for about 18 years and before she takes up the task to make a new bread - she  studies and studies and researches and reads and then does it some more. Incredible - she is.

When Anita and I heard that Carol makes cinnamon rolls, we just about dropped everything. Who in the world doesn't like cinnamon rolls? Like it's a memory food - a coffee breakfast food - and one that makes everything wrong turn right.

All that being said, we begged (no not really) Carol to bake us cinnamon rolls. So, we'll have a small amount in our French cafe for Saturday's market.

Cinnamon rolls and coffee at The Simple Farm. How good can it get!

The Saturday market will open at 8 am and close promptly at 11:30. It's a seasonal market so it's best to follow/subscribe to the blog to stay updated to any changes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Just Harvested . . .

. . . something I've been waiting to try for months and months. 



Italian garlic to be exact. 

It's drying at the market and we'll sell some of the most amazing delicious smelling garlic bulbs at Thursday's Market. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

100 Tastemakers - Phoenix New Times

When I got the email that told me I was voted as one 100 Phoenix Valley Tastemakers - people who are changing the culinary climate and impacting the valley . . . well, I was shocked. 

Who? Moi? 

I wondered how in the world a little suburban housewife who loved designer shoes now a farmer who loves designer seeds would be chose. 

I read the other Tastemakers and for sure knew that I didn't compare to their culinary skills or experience . . .

. . . but that being said, I felt incredibly honored and decided to rise to the task and complete the assignment.

I believe one of the greatest ways I can make a culinary change is to ~

A. Grow food with passion and talk to women and men 
about the value and necessity of restoring the home and the meal time table....
with good, real, home prepared food 
and the desperate need to slow life down enough to 
reclaim the power of that family time around that table where 
children are heard and loved and nurtured and parents are honored and respected.

B. Promote the Goat.
If you know me at all - it's true - I'm a Crazy Goat Lady. 
Rhonda Crow at Crow's Dairy in Buckeye calls us and the other women who love goats CGL.  
I think one day we'll have matching tee shirts or something. 

I love goats not only because of what they are - alkaline producing animals who give you such amazing life sustaining food that is easy to digest . . .and delicious to drink.

. . . but because they're animals who know their names, love to be loved 
and look to their owners for protection and care. Goats are people animals. 
They love to be around people. My GOAT interview is here.

With all this being can read the rest of my story and the other wonderful Tastemakers 
at Phoenix New Times 100 Tastemakers.