Monday, March 14, 2011

Rose's Perfect Lemonade

Picture compliments of Simply Recipes

Tomorrow we're selling glasses of Rose's Perfect Lemonade - you can choose mint or lavender.

Which Ones Do You Want?

Farm house eggs - get yours at The Simple Farm Tuesday.

Do you notice that big one in the back and in the middle? I wonder who wants that one.

Getting Ready for Tuesday's Market Day at Our Farm

Mondays are always busy {what day isn't} as we get ready to get ready for Tuesday's Farmers' Market at our farm.

In the early morning we'll begin to harvest:

beautiful chard: gold, bright lights and green
radishes: an assortment
bunching onions
beets: an assortment
gourmet lettuces - 
they should taste sweeter now that they've had time to grow out from the freeze
some mustard greens


Hope to see you on Tuesday!