Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Can't Call Them Fresh Eggs Because . . .

. . . some FDA government regulation from somewhere has secured the "fresh and local" adage for some government egg production factory somewhere . . . .

But . . . you gotta know that our eggs are fresh and they are local and so, Michael says to call them:

Farm House Eggs

So, once again - we'll have wonderful, perfect, eggs of all sorts of colors - blue, brown, light brown, speckled, dark brown, white, green, our Market Store - this Tuesday. 

And, guess what?

None of them have been dipped in lye!

If you need eggs on another day besides me on the farm phone @ 480.206.7821 and we'll most likely be able to take care of your need!  Eggs are $5.50 a dozen.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Newest Member of The Simple Farm

I've just recently been introduced to Verde Farm a cute little farm up out in West Virginia.

Bread . . .

. . . I can't wait to start making again. . . soon, after seeds are in the ground. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Color Your Morning Green

Three words my acupuncturist said - "grains to greens" have totally influenced me this past week.  Michael and I are surrounded by greens and so the Breville is making its appearance again as a regular on the kitchen counter.  I'm back to juicing lots of greens and it's amazing how good we both feel. 

We have just what you need to color your morning green!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Going To Be A Big Event At The Farm - Vintage Market

Needless to say, we're looking forward to the big Barn (well, we have a small barn) Event we're having at our farm the end of this month (March 31, April 1 and April 2).

It's our first Vintage~Barn sale with about fifteen of the coolest vendors who love finding cool, old pieces of furniture and decor and restoring them into very, very, very cool pieces that you'd want for your home.  We'll have furniture, art pieces, vintage garden pieces, some antiques, vintage clothing pieces, vinyl lettering pieces, glass ware and more.

We will be having our Farmers' Market that Saturday - (April 2nd) with our gourmet, organic produce, Jill's organic peach jam, and farm eggs along, Michael's fresh juice bar and a fresh lemonade stand.

Items like these will be for sale during those three days.  I've taken borrowed these pictures from the blogs of the vendors - just to give you an idea of the kinds things that will be available.  These items are just samples and are NOT available - but they'll give you a good idea of the fun pieces that will be at our farm event.