Saturday, September 8, 2012

Everything Long - Tonights Dinner . . .

 . . . is from the gardens here at the farm. As you know we had an abundance of eggplant. And the offering for 50 cents an eggplant and 3 for $1 for the little white ones is still good for another day or two.

I got creative with tonights dinner. . . Everything long.

Chopped it all up and tossed it in some olive oil and garlic and decided to call it good!  
One another thing . . . I am so fortunate to have a husband who doesn't mind
 at all eating roasted vegetables for dinner. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cinnamon Bread and Addictive Behaviors

For some reason, Carol's Grano de Vida Cinnamon Bread is addictive.  Just the thought of that yummy bread toasted with a nice pad of butter puts a smile on my face. . . and many others too.

I know this, because I regularly get asked if there is any extra loaves of the Cinnamon Bread stashed in the freezer.

I know this, because it's the bread most ordered.

I know this, because it sells out first at our market.

I know this, because your face also smiles as you describe how amazing it is.

So, I have asked our farm's beautiful bread maker, Carol, to bake 10 fresh loaves of Cinnamon Bread. She said, "Sure thing." She is also baking 1 dozen of Ciabatta and 4 loaves of her incredibly awesome Sprouted Wheat bread.

All these yummy breads will be in bread baskets on Wednesday afternoon.  First come. First serve. Actually, for you addicts, if you want one - email me at and I'll put your name on it.