Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bride's Blessing at The Farm

Garden spots at the farm are perfect spaces for small celebration gatherings and today there was a sweet, small of sweet old friends who sat in the courtyard at our farm for a simple morning al-fresco of drinking French press and nibbling on hot farm made cranberry muffins.

Today's gathering was a Bride's Blessing to reminisce a little and to celebrate what was to come ~ Maria's upcoming wedding to Bradley.

 I've known Maria for years and love her dearly.  Michael and I couldn't be more excited about celebrating this wedding!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I think it's time for a little Al-Fresco {in the open air} at the farm served up 
with the farm's special buttermilk peach pancakes with a pad of butter and hot real maple syrup, 
two over easy farm fresh eggs on the side, 
a cup of French press coffee with heavy cream and 
and a little glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. 

I think that'd be just about perfect! What do you think? 

Good Morning Sweet Marie. . . .

. . . it's your day.

While doing the 5 am shift of bottle feeding the triplets, Marie just happened to walk by and well....let's say more babies are on the way at The Simple Farm today.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apples and Peaches are Ripening At The Simple Farm . . .

. . . and besides our excitement of new triplet bucklings to care for and getting a new supply of fresh (raw) goats milk,  I'm looking forward to making a few peach and apple pies.  I've already made jars of confiture de peches {peach jam} for our market store.

Our farm has four kinds of peach trees and two kinds of apple - Anna and my fall favorite - Fugi.

What's growing at your urban farm?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miss Storm's Boys

Wasn't sure if today would actually be the day, but it was! I was enjoying a few girl chat times with my daughter Candace and one of my daughters of the heart, Teresa and around 5:20 I decided to check on Storm. Yup - she was delivering her first of three bucklings. Perhaps the neighborhood heard me holler at Zane to get his mother and Teresa. Not sure what I was thinking she could do but sometimes extra hands around when you don't know what to do - seems to help.

I'll describe the scene later but for now here's two of Miss Storm's three boys - adorable...simply adorable. All three little guys, Sam. Charlie and Henry are for sale. Please email us at thesimplefarm @ gmail dot com or call the farm line if you're interested.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not So Live Goat Web Cam - Storm Part 1

Next On The Farm Agenda

Baby goats - properly called kids - doelings and bucklings are on the "next thing to do" at the farm.  We've been on "goat watch" for a couple of days and are anxiously waiting the arrival of these new Simple Farm additions.

We actually thought Storm was in the beginnings of labor yesterday morning. Not.  This morning she's displaying even more signs of labor....a little mucus, her tail head ligaments gone and her udder quite tight. Because we want/need to be present, I ended up not attending Jill and Rebecca's Arcadia Edible Garden Tour - even though the van was packed and ready to go with a new Simple Farm speciality - Herbes de Provence.  Oh, well, we are here - waiting and waiting and just hoping it's not a 2:30 am time in the birthing pen.

Those of you that have been invited to observe - please be on call and text me your phone numbers (again) please.

Those of you that have been invited to help bottle feed the babies - the hours are 7:30 - Noonish - 4:30 and around 8 pm. Please leave a comment if you're interested in having your little one help out.