Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bergen's Boys

I know we've done our job as farmers and dairy goat herders when one little boy named Bergen (I'm probably spelling this wrong) asks if he could sleep in a sleeping bag outside the buck pen and he plays "goats" with his brother on a regular basis.  Bergen loves our boys (bucks). He thinks they're cool because they have a basket ball in their buck yard.

We love Bergen and his little brother and every time they show up - we can't help but jump up and down on the inside because of all their sweet preciousness.

Goat Milking - Tandem Style

The challenge was put out to Michael and Marsha - two friends who have become our friends at The Simple Farm - to come and learn "How To Milk A Goat."

Michael, a salon owner, was a bit skiddish at first but after a few moments decided he would be up for the challenge. Marsha, an 8th grade school teacher, didn't hesitate. Awesome.

During Farm Stand Friday, Michael (the farmer, my husband) took Michael and Marsha to the back area of our farm toward the doe yard and the milking room where I get to spend time milking the girls twice a day. Presently we milk two does - Storm and Marie - each giving about a gallon of milk a day.

I love Marsha's smile! Not sure what Michael's thinking.

He's getting it...I can tell!

Two-handed pro!

We're always delighted to teach people how to milk a goat. It's not hard - it just takes practice and in time you develop some pretty strong hand and fore-arm muscles.

The joy of seeing that rich creamy milk squirt into the pail never ceases to delight me. If you've come to the farm you know I am always talking up the benefits of good, rich and raw goats milk. I am on a mission that everyone that can (has space) should have two dairy goats in their own back yard.