Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Black Refrigerator - Goat's Milk and Cheese, Eggs and Apples . . .

. . .  that little black fridge in our French market is the place where we keep Crow's Dairy goat cheese like chevre' feta, quark, sour cream and gelato and of course qt size and 1/2 gallon size containers of their delicious goat's milk.  All the prices are listed on the outside of the fridge.

The Black Fridge full of Everything Goat. Did you know goat milk products are better for you than cow?
Goat is alkaline and cow is acidic. Acidic foods "feeds" your cancer. 

From time to time we also stock the fridge with extra eggs, caramel and bags of local grown apples.

Our farm eggs from happy hens. 

We do this because we know people need to pick up goat cheese, eggs and milk more than two days a week. It's important to us to be that place where you can come and buy local and buy fresh.

So, we have this HONOR System. 
7 days a week - from 7 am until 7 pm you can come to the farm 
through those vintage gates and can right into the market. 
You take what you want - and then in the Big Black Armoire you fill out a paper - 
put your name, what you purchased and the price.  
Then simply drop paper and cash (only) into the Drop Box inside that armoire and voila you're done. You help us and we help you. It's about trust, honor and building community.

Often - we'll harvest extra produce like eggplant or cucumbers or melons and we'll put them on the table in the market, make a sign for the price per pound or each and make those available for purchase as well.

The best cinnamon raisin bread ever!

For those who order Grano de Vida breads by Monday mornings - you'll pick up your breads at the market on Fridays between noon and 5 pm. 
You're also use the same HONOR System drop box to pay for the bread you ordered.

We like how it is working and are thankful for your support of our little suburban farm.

Friday, July 20, 2012

For The Love of Goats - Video Clip Story on Evin Evans

This is a beautiful video clip story on a beautiful woman . . . .Evin Evans, a goat farmer and owner of Split Creek Farm.  

It's a beautiful story and perhaps you'll understand our heart here at The Simple Farm and my personal love of goats and why I'm a woman who Promotes the Goat. 

Click HERE - and allow a few seconds for the video to begin. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fill It Up - Squeeze it Down. How To Milk A Goat

 . . .  teaching a granddaughter how to milk a goat . . . 

Shopping the Market and Planning Your Menu and This Weeks Market

In France and much of Europe going to the farmers' market several days a week is quite normal.  There you meet and develop a relationship with the grower, the small artisanal baker and cheese maker, the butcher and even the woman who takes joy in growing the best herbs and flowers.

There is a general attitude to support local and independent farmers.  Typically big agriculture is avoided.  What is important is taste and quality and the relationship the market shopper has with the local farmer.  Local produce is fresher because most of the time it's just been picked.  That adds up value to the shopper because fresh = flavor = nutrients.

At present our own French inspired market is providing a variety of the freshest and tastiest and beautiful food, herbs, flowers, artisanal breads and goat cheeses that we possibly can.

Helpful Hints To Shop The Farmers' Market 
Don't necessarily go with a firm shopping list. You might have an idea of what dishes you want to prepare but try to be flexible.  Remember, you're trying to eat local and what's in season. It's better to plan your menu after you come to the market, see what's available - meaning what is in season.

Bring your own bag or basket - we try to provide them, but it's often a good idea to bring your own.

Bring your own egg crates.

Plan to go right home after shopping. This way your produce, eggs, bread, cheese, honey, herbs, flowers stay fresh.

Be aware that you might be buying produce that is best eaten within 2 or 3 days. Plan your menu for that.

Remember that you can keep your things in your market basket and still take a few extra moments to enjoy a cup of coffee, our Moroccan mint tea and some sweet breakfast breads.

Plan Your Menu Around The Market
To help you with some planning ideas  . . .   here's what you'll find at our markets this week:

Greens and Beans
Swiss Chard
Green beans
Yard Long Beans

French Breakfast Radish
Easter Egg
Hakurei Turnips

Cukes and Melons
Armenian Cucumbers
Golden Crisp

Breads and Cheese
Crow's Dairy artisanal goat cheese - chevre' and feta, quark, sour cream
Grano de Vida Artisanal breads - ciabatta, pita and more

Bell Peppers

Red potatoes
Onions - yellow, white, purple

Winter Squash
Speckled Hound Squash



Citrus Honey
Apple Butter
Red Wine Jelly
Lemon Verbena Jelly

For Your Table
Fresh cut gladiolas
Farm bouquet with zinnias and other colorful gatherings.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Caring for Your Hens and Fresh Eggs Daily

Kelly of Toes and Tomatoes FB page recently sent me a few really fabulous blog posts from a blog called Fresh Eggs Daily. I am more than impressed with this chicken lovers thoughts on understanding your hens and how to care for them - especially during hot weather and times of molting and being broody.

I know many of our farm blog followers have hens and since Kelly was so kind to share her find - I want to do the same with you.

My little chicken boy helper putting the "puey" eggs in a crate.  Puey meaning - they need washed so we eat them.