Friday, January 18, 2013

Miss Storm is Getting Ready and Sabbath

Today is day 150 for Miss Storm. Goats have a gestation of 150 days - give or take a few days before and a few days after.  Last year and the year before Miss Storm kidding on day 149. The first year with triplets, the last year with twins and this year - triplets again. Remember the ultra sound video? It's here.

Michael - my rock star - my hero - slept on a chair last night and off and on watched the video monitor (loaned by Kara - thank you Kara) to see if any action was going on. I got to sleep. He's my love.

It's Friday - 1:25 as I write this post - so we'll see when babies come.

Oh, don't forget....NEXT Saturday is our LAST market on Saturdays. We're only doing a Thursday morning market from 8:30 until Noon. The whole farm will be closed off from Friday at 5:30-6 pm until Sunday morning at 8:30 am. No HSM either.

We're reclaiming our soul, body, mind Sabbath. Indeed, the markets and our farmstead caramels (online) are our source of revenue to provide for our family/farm needs - so this is an act of faith and trust on our part. . . and in light of rest, faith, all feels so right.

I wonder if we Americans, for the most part, have lost the art and the rhythm of rest and work?  So we're going to "work" at "rest" and lead the way.  We plan to read, write music, talk, take walks, go drink coffee with friends and still do a boat load of farm chores with happy hearts and who knows what else.

Thanks for your support.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2 Books That Intrigue Me

I'm always interested in discovering free food . . . food that is incredibly nourishing . . . like mallow - here in the AZ desert. It's a "weed" that is higher in iron than spinach and it's free and sautéed with onion and garlic and mixed with some brown rice makes a fabulous dish.

There is a delightful gentlemen that supports our farm. He is a scientist, from New Jersey and is 90 ish. When Dr. Scientist arrives on Thursday's market day, he always asks me, "What do you have for me today?"  I then proceed to let him know if the beets he loves are big enough for him or not yet.  He loves borscht and he eats raw and he uses a microwave and he's told me stories about choosing to not buy food (as a young man) and instead forage through fields to find greens to eat.

I am fascinated. Immensely so.

Several times he's told me about this book - Stalking The Wild Asparagus.

I tend to listen up when someone who is 90 ish tells me something more than once.  Today I ordered it here.

There's another book I keep hearing about called The Foragers Harvest and I ordered too here.