Monday, February 27, 2012

Everything You Need To Know to Raise BackYard Chickens

Ever thought about raising chickens or just needing more information about the care of your egg giving pets? Chris Byer is going to do a second Raising Backyard Chicken class for our farm. You'll come away knowing a ton about raising chickens that will help you with the decision to jump in and get a few hens and so you can begin to enjoy your own farm fresh eggs or this class will help you now as you presently might have a few hens and need some more advice.

Class Date: Sunday, March 25th
Time: 1:30-3:30
Cost is $20 for family - with kids over 12 interested in raising chickens welcomed.

Back Yard Chicken Raising  - register here.

How Good Can It Get

Right now I'm taking a late morning break with Michael. I just have to tell you what we're indulging on because I know you'll want to join us this Thursday at the market.

Up until about 30 seconds ago, on my rose colored vintage plate there were. . . 

two very fresh eggs (that my husband prepared just so - over easy - 
lightly salted with a sprinkling of pepper) . . . 

. . . and. . .  

sliced, toasted and buttered . . . 
some of the farm's newest market addition - stone ground bread 
(hand - made by the fabulous Carol of Grano de Vida) . . .

. . . and . . .

THEN.....drizzled lightly - with the newest market addition -  very local honey.   

We get to do this. . . because we can.

Eggs, hand-made bread (cinnamon/raisin - coming this Thursday too), 
AZ local - raw & unfiltered honey.....
will be available at our French Market this Thursday - 9 am until 1 and 4 - 6 pm.

It can't get any better than this.....I don't think......

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Weeks . . .

 . . . are weeks that seem extra busy. This past one was like that for us.  Michael finished all the little touches on our birthing pen.  Birthing pens are those little enclosed spaces that house the mother (doe) who is in the process of getting ready to give birth to her babies (kids). Last years pen barely accommodated our birthing needs and so Michael made a few adjustments to make it work for the two does who are due at the same time. Very soon.

Anita took hours to revamp our milking room --- as we get ready to get ready to begin milking the does and using that make to cook up some more of our gourmet caramel sauce - which delightfully so is becoming popular.

Lots of new seeding took place this past Wednesday - more carrots, cucumbers, beets and radishes along with sunflowers and zinnias.  Melons, okra and more cucumbers for the start trays are starting to refill our green house.

This week was also busy because of a special private event.  Getting ready for parties are a highlight for us. We love being asked to have parties at the farm and this one was especially wonderful, not only because of the people, but because of the invitation to Phillsbury Wine Company ( a local AZ winery) to do a wine pairing for our menu.  Every thing we served had that local farm touch.