Sunday, May 15, 2011

Next On The Farm Agenda

Baby goats - properly called kids - doelings and bucklings are on the "next thing to do" at the farm.  We've been on "goat watch" for a couple of days and are anxiously waiting the arrival of these new Simple Farm additions.

We actually thought Storm was in the beginnings of labor yesterday morning. Not.  This morning she's displaying even more signs of labor....a little mucus, her tail head ligaments gone and her udder quite tight. Because we want/need to be present, I ended up not attending Jill and Rebecca's Arcadia Edible Garden Tour - even though the van was packed and ready to go with a new Simple Farm speciality - Herbes de Provence.  Oh, well, we are here - waiting and waiting and just hoping it's not a 2:30 am time in the birthing pen.

Those of you that have been invited to observe - please be on call and text me your phone numbers (again) please.

Those of you that have been invited to help bottle feed the babies - the hours are 7:30 - Noonish - 4:30 and around 8 pm. Please leave a comment if you're interested in having your little one help out.

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