Saturday, September 21, 2013

12 Domestic Arts Workshops and 12 Gardening Workshops and 1 Livestock Workshop

We're thrilled at your response to our farm's workshops. 
Since staring Simple Inspiration the end of July 
we've had over 120 people come through our workshops and 
many of you keep coming back. 

To that, we say THANK YOU!

A few graduates of one of our pickling workshops!

The descriptions of the 12 Domestic Arts Workshops are HERE

The descriptions of the 12 Gardening Workshops are HERE

Raising Back Yard Chickens HERE

Please pass the word . . .
tell you friends,
co-workers, the bank teller, the grocery store stocker and the
stranger on the street about our farm (which reopens 10/17)
and our farm/garden and
home workshops!

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