Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Blog Has Moved And Our Farm Will Open Thursday, October 17th....Important Things To Know

..... Today, a lovely couple stopped by the farm. We were busy busy busy the midst of workshops, making caramels, getting caramel order ready to send out, planting a few raised beds, building some raised beds, fixing irrigation, adding irrigation, setting up new water-ers for baby chicks...and, let's see what else?

I know the couple seemed a tad frustrated - I understand....someone told them to "go to The Simple Farm"...but they didn't realize...that in spite of all sorts of "activity" (see above) we really are NOT opened. . . it just looks like it. I also understand that we're in the midst of communication changes....i.e. the new website at - and even that is still undergoing some construction.

All this are some things you should know:
#1 Our farm is a working farm.  We live here and we work here and we rest here (at least try to).
#2 Our farm is ONLY open on Thursday mornings - for the market. Those hours are 8:30 until noon. We can't have people just coming and walking around. Thursday mornings YES - other days NO.
#3 We do have lot of "activity" going on at the farm - you might drive by and see cars - BUT if it's not a Thursday morning (beginning October 17th) it doesn't mean we're open.  It just means we have other scheduled things going on and unless you registered for a workshop or have scheduled volunteer work to do - we're asking that you not walk around - and that respectfully, you come back on the only day we're open - which is Thursday mornings from 8:30 until noon.
#4 Subscribe to our blog/news via email. There's a subscribe link on the NEW website. You'll have updates and when we DO change things, you'll know.
#5 Please be patient with us as we try to communicate as best we can.
#6 We've had sweet, kind - but curious people who ignore our The Farm Is Closed signs and decide to park and walk around our gardens and even come to our home and courtyard. We sweetly and kindly turn those curious people away and remind them what the sign says.
#7 We are no longer taking new Farm Members.
#8 Volunteer days (unless you are a regular volunteer and KNOW what to do) are on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. You can fill out the contact form on the web site if you are interested in giving hand...we ALWAYS have TONS to do.
#9 Thank you so much for your love and support to us - we've never been surrounded by such an amazing community of people.

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