Sunday, September 1, 2013

Simple Inspirations: The Simple Home - All About The Meal Table

My mind is whirling with lots of inspiration for The Simple Home ~ Reclaiming The Domestic Arts piece of these new workshops we've begun. I believe what happens in the home and really what happens around the meal table will guide the direction of the family.

Anyway, I saw this idea on a friends FB page and I then became a "woman on a mission" to put one together.

My first stop was the do-ability- of it with finding the gas stove top. I called StarLight - non-profit organization that has used building equipment.

Bingo. First call proved to be a success. They had ONE KitchenAid stove top. Done. Got it.  The story behind the price - you'll just have to ask me about it. Amazing and incredible are my two descriptive words.

Bingo. Second call proved to be a success. I found an appliance repair place - who knew exactly what was needed to convert the gas to LP. They called the manufacturer and ordered these tiny tiny brass fittings. Then for another price installed them for me.

Bingo. Went to HD and found the LP hose and converter that would connect the propane tank to the Kitchen Aid.

Bingo. The appliance repair guys had JUST the exact fitting to match the two pieces.

NEXT - I had in mind a butcher block counter top thing and bingo - found one on Craigs List. The counter top owner had it listed for $100 and when I showed up she said, "No, it's $250." Well, she rechecked her listing and made a mistake and honored her $100. They helped me put this incredibly heavy piece into the truck and I carefully put this incredibly heavy piece out of the truck when I returned to the farm.

My dear husband spent literally TWO days cutting out the spot where the burners would go and then adding little rolling wheels.

TaDa....I am thrilled. This beautiful stove top piece will be used over and over again teaching all sorts of workshops for The Simple Home - Reclaiming the Domestic Arts.

You'll be seeing lots of this beauty for all sorts of up and coming domestic arts workshops at our farm!

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