Friday, July 12, 2013

More Peaches To Be Had

Before we talk about PEACHES  . . . 

I have to say, I'm excited about some new farm and garden and home inspirations 
we have on the cooker for you. . . 
appropriately called:

Simple Inspirations.  

I can hardly wait to blog about it this weekend!  

So, get ready. You're gonna love it - it's going to inspire you!

One of the good things about living in Arizona and buying local is that after the Phoenix Valley peach season subsides, the Wilcox area peach season begins. It's as if we get a double dip of all things local and good and naturally grown (aka organic).

A beautiful use of an apron. I can't live without any of mine.

Our farm's Mid-Pride peaches from this year.  Beautiful and wonderful and amazing. 

So, incase you put your peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach jam, peach anything recipe away, go ahead and get them out. . . because Dwight from English Orchards is bringing peaches to our farm. We will have a few flats this afternoon (Friday) and we should have a few flats for our Thursday morning market.

Valerie Rice - Eat - Drink - Garden
I follow Eat-Drink-Garden and this morning Valerie's new blog post on PEACHES popped up in my email. Go here for lots of fun recipes on All Things Peaches - like Peach Ice Cream - which I must try this weekend - with goats milk.  Here, Valerie posted a nice, easy recipe for peach jam.

Farm Members Shop On Other Days Besides Thursday Mornings
If you're a farm member - meaning we've chatted on a Thursday and had the "how to be a member of The Simple Farm" face to face conversation - feel free to stop by late this afternoon to grab your bag of peaches.

Because we're a working farm and because this is our home - we are only open to the general public one morning a week....Thursdays from 8:30 until noon.

We understand at times that leaves people out. We'd love to chat with you about becoming a Member of The Simple Farm - email me at and we can arrange to get together.

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