Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Triplets! 2 Does and 1 Buck for Nancy

For several days I've watched Nancy meander off by herself... looking for that special spot to deliver her babies.  At times she'd find a corner of the doe yard and at other times she'd be working on nesting right in the middle of the yard.  On Friday, late morning, Nancy showed signs of eminent kidding.

Around 1 pm, I put Nancy in the birthing pen and focused the goat cam on her - so while I made a batch of our goat milk caramels I could keep an eye on her progression.

I love our goat cam and can't imagine going through another kidding season without it.   I'd had a commitment for more of our farmstead caramels and all I hoped for was to be able to get a new batch made before Nancy went into hard labor.  Just as I poured the new batch into the pan and set the tray on the cooling rack - Nancy decided to get down to some business.

I grabbed my cup of French press and took off to the birthing pen with her.  I believe it's important to watch your doe and take note of how she's responding to the signs of her impending hard labor.

With Lavender's difficult kidding the weak before - where we lost the first buckling I'm taking careful note of signs of possible struggle because a kid might not be positioned correctly or might be actually so big they block the cervix - as was the case with Lavender.

Lavenders kidding was still so fresh that I think I was double thinking every move Nancy would make. Fortunately, Nancy's labor and delivery of her kids was pretty text book with no intervention needed.

Late Friday afternoon, she presented us and surprised us with 3...not in perfect nose and toes fashion. 2 sweet 8 # doelings and 2 adorable little 6 # buckling.

Nancy's triplets - Left to right: Boy- Oly, Girl - Zo, Girl, Emmi
All kids will be placed in our farm's sale barn soon.

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