Monday, February 4, 2013

If You Live In The Phoenix Valley . . . The Caramel Experience

. . . we want to save you shipping on your farmstead caramel experience order.

1.  Place your order by emailing me at lylahledner at g mail dot com. Let me know how many 2 oz and 4 oz bags you need.

2 oz bags are $7.00 and 4 oz bags are $12.50.

2.  Your order will be processed and be ready for Farm Pick up the following day (unless we email you back and notify you of another pick up date). All caramel orders are placed in paper bags - with your name/invoice stapled to the bag.  These bags are on the dining room table INSIDE the market (that's the table closest to the market refrigerator.

3.  Leave your cash/check for your caramel order in the drop box.

By The Way
Our farmstead caramels are a wonderful surprise in the Valentines Baskets you plan to give.

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