Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My French Market and . . .

. . . Thursday and Saturday morning at the farm will be simply amazing.

It's not only soup time but it's also time to rev up your juicers and use kale and apples and carrots and beets to start your morning off just right!

This week our kale . . . still Red Russian is looking lovely. Lettuces are beautiful and crisp and the chard is also happy that cooler weather is here.  French breakfast radish, a few beets and maybe some carrots along with peppers, sweet onions, sweet, yukon gold and red potatoes will fill our baskets.  We've done a bit more market re-arranging to compliment with more of Crooked Sky Farms winter squash  of butternut and spaghetti....both are wonderful for soups and side dishes.

Herbs are happy too.  Michelle, a Wednesday morning volunteer snipped some lovely cilantro this morning. My cilantro is beautiful and fresh. Why go to a store and buy "fresh" herbs in those little plastic boxes when you can come to our farm and have it really fresh and see where it's growing?!

Carol, our beautiful farm bread maker, will join again join us Thursday and Saturday.  I have to let you know - all of you who called/ text this week asking about bread . . . well - it all sold the morning of each market. I've ordered extra but know the demand for her specialty breads is huge. One man said he was waiting all summer to buy her bread and filled his TJ bag with 5 loaves!

We'll also have okra, cucumbers, arugula, chard, kale, French sorrel, mustard greens. See you Thursday and Saturday morning for our French Cafe' with breakfast breads and 50 cent coffee. 8:30 until noon!

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