Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Properly Clean A Goat's Teats

How To Clean A Goats Teats from Lylah Ledner Goat Farmer on Vimeo.

Proper cleaning of goat's teats prior to milking is so important. Not only do we use an iodine spray, but we always dry off the teats with fresh paper towels.  We milk the girls into sanitized (with food grade hydrogen peroxide) stainless steel milk pails that have a ss milk filter.  As quickly as possible (barely a minute) the milk is brought into the kitchen and filtered a second and sometimes a third time and poured into sterilized glass jars and immediately placed into the freezer.  We do that to "arrest" any bacteria we don't want in our milk.  Our milk stays in the freezer for up to 40 minutes.  After that cooling down period it's placed on the bottom shelf of our refrigerator (the coldest part).

Late January/February we will place kids for sale in our "Goat Sale Barn" and soon, I'll be listing what babies/kids will be available from which does.  All our kids are $400 and up. Reservations will be taken with a $100 deposit.

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