Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Farm Stand At The Simple Farm Today Only

It's such a lovely morning that we decided to set up a farm stand table today (Sunday) at the market for those who didn't get their tomatoes, corn and Goat Milk Products. 

Today, tomatoes are $3 a pound and corn is .50 an ear.  

Everything Goat is in the refrigerator and it's marked.  Chevre, Feta, Sour Cream (which is so buttery), Quark, 1/2 gallon milk and quart size milk. 

Just weigh your tomatoes with the scale hanging to the left of the tomato. Use the envelop to write down your purchase, put your $ in the envelop and place the envelop in the money box. The money box is in the big black armoire. 

We'll be putzing around the farm today enjoying a day of rest after an incredibly busy week. 

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