Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The French Market is open in the rain!

We work - in spite of rain, heat, clouds and any other act of God that surrounds The Simple Farm. Today, we're harvesting some delicious gourmet veggees just for our Thursday market.

Our Phoenix valley has an 80% chance of rain tomorrow (Thursday) and just so you know - our little French Market will be open. We're making some shifts under the patio so you can still come, enjoy a morning moment over our farm breakfast breads and our farm blend 50 cent cup of coffee.

Local honey is back - Citrus is on the shelf. Local bread - fresher than you can believe will be on the shelf. Crows Dairy goat cheese is in the market frig and we'll harvest some zuchinni's for farm baskets too.

See you Thursday - just bring your umbrella and have fun with we...."sing'n in the rain....we'll be sign' the rain....."

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