Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Educational Talk and Tour

The excited giggles of about twenty adorable girl scouts walking past our farm gate toward the chicken coop caused the biggest lump in my throat. When it was time to introduce ourselves and welcome them and their pack leaders to our farm, it was more than difficult to get my name out.  Every time, no matter what, I just get so choked up. The fact that there is such an interest in farm life gives another reason as to why we do what we do. Not only is this farm our means of financial provision, but more so it has become a place where real kids get to experience the sights and sounds of a small working farm. 

Super cool. 

Generally, tours take about an hour and half and it includes a basic education:
Compost Learning Center
Chicken Learning Center, 
Garden Learning Center 
(where children plant a seed in a small plastic seed pot to take home) and 
Goat Learning Center 
(depending on the time of the tour - we teach the tour group how to milk a goat). 

Our education tour packages range between $5 -10 per child.

For more information on our tours and private party events and rental space - email Lylah at lylahledner@gmail.com.

Since this tour, we have changed out farm bio-security measures and only farm staff enter our livestock pens. 

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