Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's Growing

It's the beginning of April and I think this next season of organic produce is probably my favorite.

The Le Menu includes . . .
About 25 varieties heirloom tomatoes, 
4 varieties of cucumbers - Heirloom 76, Japanese, Lebanese & Lemon Cucumbers, 
3 kinds of eggplant - Black Beauty, Japanese, Rosa Bianco
2 kinds of okra - Burgundy and Clemson
Melons, Pumpkins and Watermelon
Basil is coming and mint will keep coming!
And, more arugula has just been seeded.

Right now we have more . . . 
Nantes carrots in the ground
spinach is up
gourmet lettuces
Easter egg radishes (Kelly's suggestion from Desert Roots - Thanks Kelly!)
sugar snap peas
bunching onions

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