Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life At Our Urban Farm

Since we moved our market day to Thursdays it's already given us more of a running start for the week in "checking off" those needed chores on the "To Do Farm List."

Lavender had her spa treatment aka birthing trim. Michael did this one.
Marie needed her pre-delivery pedicure and I did that. Done.
Michael is closer to finishing the farms birthing pen. It's close to the house so we can have access to what we might need in the house and so we can keep a better watch on "doe due to deliver soon"

The younger hens in the red chicken coop needed to graduate to the "big girl pen."  Done.
Metal garbage cans needed to be moved into the breezeway to make for easer chicken feeding. Done.

Basic Garden Upkeep
Tomatoes needed fertilizing along with eggplants, okra, cucumbers and peppers. Partially done.

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