Friday, September 10, 2010

It's So French . . .

. . . to gather the natural beauty of fresh flowers, vines, sunflowers and any other creative earthy touch in doors. And, that's exactly what we want to help you begin to do.

Besides our gourmet produce, fresh flowers, eggs and herbs we're starting to introduce a ...

. . . a speciality line of our own Farm French garden decor.  We've been displaying our vintagey glass candle-flower jars . . . and now we're adding something else to bring fall into your home from mine.

This past spring we grew these mammoth sunflowers - quite lovely.  We have been saving and drying the sunflower heads as they make a lovely fall arrangement for your garden, home or front door entrance way.

We'll be bringing a few of them to market this Saturday. Here are some ideas you might think about. . . .

They will be priced starting at $6.  Our glass candle-flower jars are $4.

See you at the N. Scottsdale Farmers' Market - 94th & Shea Rd.

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