Friday, July 26, 2013

Soil Resources We've Used and Jill's Guide To Build Your Raised Bed

Now you have more questions and we want to pass on some of what we've done. There are a lot of places out there offering their services - and offering their planting devices. It's up to you to research.

The Simple Farm does not support any one system. We might have some recommendations - but that's all we can do.

Soil Resources
If we were doing only a few small raised beds, we love and have used (in the past) Square Foot Gardening soil mix. It's available at Home Depot and Lowes.

Here is another source - local - Zakes Farmacy. I've not used it - don't know much about them, but it comes with a nice recommendation.

If you are building a LOT of raised beds, like we have done - OR if you are needing to create in ground space - we have had happy soil from a valley company called Gro-Well. They have several kinds of soil so you need to speak to them about your needs.

Singh Farms is another resource for soil/compost.  They are off the 101 (Scottsdale) and Thomas Rd.

How To Build and Set Up Your Raised Beds
Hal and Jill Green have been building their raised beds for years. Here is Jill's system. Just do what Jill has done.

Michael's Secret Formula for Planting Starts
Michael has this "concoction" he mixes together when he plants starts. You can email him for the formula here.

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