Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Sabbath Morning - Baby Goats At Play

Sabbath is for the soul. 

It's a gift. 

No matter what your religious orientation - to rest the soul - to cease from work - to do something different is often foreign to many of us. 

Making a choice to disengage from life's treadmill and to engage in things that cause the mind and heart and soul to catch a different rhythm . . . 

to notice the little things - like a peach tree in bud 

or the sound of a distant song from a bird 

or baby goats at play . . . 

creates room for Creator God to speak in ways we have yet to hear and yet long to understand.

Be still oh my soul.

Here's hoping there are no donkeys in the ditch today. Be blessed on this day and may you find yourself noticing the little things of beauty that surround you.

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