Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Going To Be A Busy Kidding Season

In the midst of making a ton of caramels - wrapping them and bagging them - we had one more ultra sound on Plum (Miss Storm's daughter) and Posey (Lavender's daughter) to see if they were pregnant. Both girls were bred to Mr. Samson on 10/31.  I knew clearly that Posey was in heat. She showed all the signs - loud, bossy, and a goopy back end - as well as frequents visits to the buck pen fence teasing the life out of the boys.

Plum, on the other hand, showed no signs of a heat. Kind of frustrating. However, on the day Samson and Posey had their date, Plum stood and watched. Michael and I thought, well, couldn't hurt to put her in the pen and see . . . lo and behold, she stood for Samson.

All this time, though, I still had my doubts. Just didn't think she "took."  . . .

Until, yesterday . . . .

So, what this means is that we are expecting 11 babies this Spring - of which all will be listed (soon) on our Sale Barn page.

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