Monday, October 17, 2011

My Farm Chick Friends and Upcoming Garden Tour

I love my Farm Chick Friends who hold the same values of pure, good and organic that we do at The Simple Farm.

The other day, Rebecca Kidwell of Farmyard called to order a few of our "beauty" farm products to add to a "thank you basket" to give to a client of hers (I think this is the client - the school that Rebecca and her sister Sarah took care of - building these raised beds, planting the organics for these children!)

I notice that the lovely Jill Green of Sweet Life Gardens has a few jars of her fabulous marmalade sitting nicely in this basket as well.

And, of course there is Rebecca's amazing sweet basil pesto!

It's such a privilege to be included in the company of women who wear flip flops while digging in the dirt and educating our communities how to live sustainably, build that sense of community and understand how important it is for all of us to start growing their own food.

On that note, I want you all to get on your December 4th calendars NOW the date for a garden tour you won't want to find yourself on the short end of getting a reserved ticket for. It's called Arcadia's Edible Garden Tour and The Simple Farm is so excited (even though we're not in the Arcadia district) to be on the tours list.  Here are some pics from last years tour.  Tickets will go on sale soon and I'm hoping you're first in line!

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