Monday, May 23, 2011

The Simple Farm's Heirloom Tomatoes

Why an Heirloom?

Heirlooms will offer you a true tomato taste.  An heirloom is full of flavor and you can actually taste the distinct flavor of each variety.

Heirlooms carry a valuable history with those seeds passed down from a few generations. I read once that "heirlooms come to us from another time."  "Heirlooms are true survivors," wrote the founder of Seeds of Change, a seed company that preserves old varieties (and from which we order many of our seeds."

At least 95% of our tomatoes are from heirloom seeds and at least 85% we have grown from our seed starts we began this past December in the sunroom of our farm.  When Michael completed our small green house they were all moved to continue growth there.

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