Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Good Day At The Farm. . .

. . . and the market at our farm. We always feel encouraged when new faces stop by and we get to give a little tour of our place.  We especially love it when we inspire them to go home and start a garden in their back yard.....we like to say something like....'you can do it and we can help'.

Today, two volunteers signed up to lend a hand. Sherri and her son are going to come and rake the goat yard (tons of nice goat berries) in a few weeks and Sarah and her sweet dad are going to join the farm on Wednesdays to seed new starts.  Awesome!

We'd closed down the market a bit earlier, posted a sign that said something about "another successful market day at the farm", closed the gates . . .which didn't deter new folk from stopping by and pretty much buying most of what else was in our baskets.  More and more we realize that what we have and what we do and even the beauty and sanctuary of this hidden spot in Scottsdale is having a way of bringing community together.  For that we're grateful and so we won't close the gates early - any more.

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