Friday, April 29, 2011

The Urban Farm Chicks, Today at The Farm . . .

Days like this put a smile on my face.

My day started early with a quick visit to a rummage sale over on the west side of town. I bought two very cute matching vintage chairs (Michael's not so sure about them) and also a few glass juice jars.

Then I headed east toward one of my favorite places - the salvage yard next to the mountain.  We needed a few things to finish the buck pen and garden staking.  I got so excited I started taking pictures and then thought to myself, "What woman in their right mind would be in a place like this?"  I think of this special place as a huge lot full of vintage.  Here I posted one of my last finds.  I'll post pictures this weekend.

After Michael and I brought home the goods, we worked together pulling up bermuda grass just south of the vintage fence. Then I got busy and planted a few more Charentais melon seeds (you're gonna love em!), Buttercup squash (not sure it's the right timing - but I went with it) and another squash seed. Planting seeds is no easy task. Prepping the hole, filling it with good stuff, placing the seed, setting the drip in place and then covering each seed pocket.

Then, this afternoon, Michael and I had a real treat.  Rebecca and Sarah (sisters) of Farmyard paid us the nicest visit. Rebecca and Sarah are Urban Farm Chicks who are rocking Phoenix with their CSA, putting gardens in as many back yards as they can and a ton of other green/earthy things.

Rebecca and Sarah are two women passionate about gardening and helping others do the same.  Their philosophy is Grow Locally, Produce organically and Eat Well.

In the short time we chatted and shared stories while sitting on bales of hay in the goat yard, I discovered that both of these women are incredibly hardworking and truly passionate about what they do...and like me, Rebecca wears flip flops as an Urban Farm Chick.

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