Thursday, February 24, 2011

Repurposing Everything

One thing we've learned is that farming requires creativity and the ability to think about how to repurpose everything.

We've got a section on the farm that I no longer feel embarrassed about. It's now simply known as our "recycle and repurpose" area and believe me - it's not pretty - but it's useful.

The other day we needed a new compost bin area and Nathan and Shawn (farm volunteers) were needing something else to do. I took them to this pile.

You gotta know - I love pallets. When we first moved onto the farm - I made these vintage garden boxes {here}. My mind goes crazy thinking about pallets and then endless possibilities. I've got a new idea to make a big farm table out of guessed it - pallets!

Anyway, the guys and I talked about a good spot and while they transported the stuff I ran off to find a hammer and nails.

I value peoples ingenuity and like to see what others come up with when given the opportunity. So, I simple told Nathan and Shawn to pretend they were engineers and come up with something - it really didn't matter to me and whatever it would end up looking like would be "good enough"... another farm phrase we say often.

This new compost bin turned out to be more than "good enough."

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