Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kindness comes back to you...

. . . when you show kindness.  I heard the word 'kindness' means to be useful and last week at our market store on Shea Maya Nahra, the health and wellness director of Sunflower Market needed something to take the swiss chard she bought from The Simple Farm home. It was important that they get home still fresh and perky as she had a photo shoot (for her Pure Nutrition web site) planned with our chard.  .  . so . . .

. . . I thought it best that she use our vintage candle/flower jars for just the right thing to preserve the chard and zinnias.

Yesterday, our beautiful Maya Nahra brought back the jars - but not emptied - but filled with these delightful pumpkin raviolis filled with Crows Dairy goat cheese - which were incredible!

I like being kind - not that I expect anything in return because my reward for kindness is just that - I get to give and help and be useful and that's reward enough for me.

Maya also has a blog - Ask The RD (registered dietitian) here.

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